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V.I.P Coaching

Simply put- VIP Coaching with Angel is perfect for the woman who is ready to get her sh*t all the way together and is committed to getting out of her own way! No excuses- just execution and elevation in every area of your life.

Work with Angel one-one-one in her 6 month or 12 month coaching program on all things life, love + work.

With VIP clarity coaching, clients experience more peace, happiness and success in areas they once felt stuck.

✨They see an increase in the clarity, confidence and courage they have day to day.

✨They start to make better decisions, take consistent action and reach more goals.

✨They show up in life more authentically, fearlessly and unapologetically.

✨They begin to create their own breakthroughs in ways they didn't think they could.

✨They enjoy a life of freedom and fulfillment- without feeling guilty.


  • 30 Minutes of Clarity Coaching Weekly or 60 Minutes of Clarity Coaching Monthly
  • Text & Email Access for Shares, Check Ins, Updates and Questions
  • 50% Off Additional Coaching Calls As Needed


the clutter free method


Together we're going to hold a mirror up to the areas of your life that have become intolerable and identify what is no longer working for you. You'll be able to make powerful decisions with clarity, confidence and courage- doing what is best for you in this next season of your life. Unapologetically prioritizing your wants, needs and putting yourself first.


And It's ok not to be ok. But instead of ignoring, suppressing or numbing your feelings around what is happening, I'm going to show you how to "get in your feelings and get out". I'll help you how to get present to your true feelings and teach you to coach yourself through the thoughts that keep triggering those unwanted emotions, behaviors and habits.


After doing the inner work and creating mindset shifts, it's time to finally let go. You'll discover simple yet powerful ways to release your past, reframe your problems and become resourceful. You'll learn to set boundaries, avoid the same pitfall falls and stand in your truth moving forward- feeling lighter, empowered and ready to create a life you love.


12 Month VIP Coaching Investment for 2023:

12 month VIP clients receive 1 hour or 2- 30 minute coaching calls per month + text support.

  • $250 month
  • $750 quarterly
  • $3000 year

6 Month VIP Coaching Investment for 2023:

6 month VIP clients receive 2 hours or 4- 30 minute coaching calls per month + text support.

  • $500 month
  • $1500 quarterly
  • $3000 year

PLEASE NOTE:There are only 20 VIP spots available. A non-refundable deposit of $97 is required to save your spot for 2023 unless paying in full. THIS IS LIMITED TIME PRICING. The investment will increase to $6,000 for the annual and 6 month VIP coaching, effective January 1, 2022.


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hey love, i'm angel!

And I help women just like you declutter lives- releasing fear, frustration and failure by replacing it with fun, freedom and fulfillment.

When I walked away from an abusive relationship over a decade ago, I felt devastated, depressed and disempowered. I felt lost and like this viscous cycle of stress and struggle would never end.

I battled with fear of abandonment and rejection, settling or less than I knew I deserved. I thought being 2x teen mom turned single mom of 4 was my cue to give in to mediocrity. Who was I to want more or better?

But after my breakdown, came my breakthrough. I realized that I was not a victim to the life I was living, I just needed to decide to be my own solution. All the while, I had the power to control my life instead of allowing life to control me. The power of clarity helped me see it. That clarity gave me the confidence to let go of what no longer served me. And that confidence gave me the courage to choose me first- no matter what.

So I did my work, decluttered my life, healed from my past, made small changes over time and was able to rebuild a life that myself and kids desired and deserved.


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As a result of my transformation, I deep dived into mental + emotional wellness- becoming a certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT), TIME Technique Practitioner and Hypnotist. Also being trained in a variety of Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) modalities- now spending my days empowering women to declutter their lives and take their power back so they can live authentically and freely.




I have been in VIP coaching for almost 2 years now and Angel has helped me to see how important I am to myself and to take care of me first. She is going to coach you and give it to you real, that's why I love VIP coaching. Being a VIP has helped me to let go of things that are not necessary for me and blocking my vision of not accomplishing my goals I have for myself. Just being in Clutter Free Society and having Angel as a coach has been life changing. Having one on one time with a coach is necessary for me and I would always recommend it to others.


Being a VIP client this year has been very critical for my growth! Being able to get a different perspective and have specific questions answered has been priceless! I've grown so much in the area of communication this year and have had so many courageous conversations as a result of the conversations and push from Angel. Becoming a VIP is one of the best investments in myself that I've ever made!


I would like to thank Angel for being so kind, so understanding, so insightful, and so real. I have to say that my decision to become a VIP client was as needed as it was wanted. The investment I made into myself was something I'll never forget. I love that Angel is so passionate and caring about how she coaches. She is such an inspiration to me and I'll always grateful for everything she has inspired me to do and to be.


Being a VIP client this year has pushed me to be my best in spite of life's challenges. Angel's support is invaluable. My life has never been this full and thriving since I joined Clutter Free Society. The tools she shares with the masterclasses, empowerment sessions, etc.. provide the guidance I needed to really truly live a Clutter Free life.



We all know that little voice that tells you that you can make it on your own. I was there. My life was in shambles, I was lost, with no direction and mentally an emotional wreck. In Clutter Free Society there are excellent teachings but I wanted more interaction with Angel so I became a VIP client. I love my monthly interaction and text support I get from Angel. In my coaching sessions I've been able to identify what the stumbling blocks were in my way, preventing my ability to find my authentic self. My goals are becoming clear. Angel is a great support in helping you gain confidence in yourself and teaches you how to declutter your mind and environment. While I'm a work in progress, I've regained clarity, regained my self confidence. I can honestly say Angel brought me from a very dark place and I see the light to move forward with her support.


Being a VIP client with Angel this year has been a gift. She is more than a coach. Angel is a sister, Life Coach and mentor. From the first couple of sessions I had with her, I started the process of trademarking and starting my business. She's helped me build my confidence in certain areas of my life where I struggled. Angel will cry and laugh with you, but most importantly, she will challenge you and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone because she genuinely wants her clients and all women to WIN.


For me, VIP is everything, to make changes, rapidly and without excuses. Being a VIP client I am able to get stuff done, stay out of my head with anything negative. My coach is a call away and on WhatsApp if I can't coach myself out of a situation. With anything you must do the work to see your vision. Angel has helped me do just that.


Email clutterfreesociety@gmail.com

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