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Are you ready to declutter your life?

Changing your life doesn't have to be so hard or take forever. That's the lie you've been told that has delayed your transformation...literally making it feel like you're never going to reach your happy place.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's possible to experience more love, peace, happiness and success much sooner than you think. Many women in CFS start to see the shift within their first 30 days and many are in a completely different space in their life after 6 months. Once they hit the 1 year mark- many have created lives they never thought was possible for them.

Even if it's years of fear, doubt, insecurity and disappointment that has brought you doesn't have to take years to grow, evolve and see change. But it will take you making a non-negotiable decision to start today AND the willingness to do the work. Which is exactly where Clutter Free Society comes in! I've created an online classroom, life coaching program & supportive community with a simple purpose:

To teach you how to get declutter your life and create your own breakthroughs.

YOU got this and WE got you!


3 Step Process


There comes a moment where a hard look in the mirror is the most empowering thing you can do. The good thing is, you don't have to do it alone. Together we'll clean up your mental and emotional space and determine what brings you joy and what needs to go. Consider it the clarity you didn't even know you needed and the breakthrough you didn't see coming.


We live in a society that likes to keep us busy and numb, but this only takes you farther away from the fulfilling life you deserve. Together we will work to not only teach you how to be fully present, but to create the kind of life you WANT to be present in. When the messiness does show up (because yes, love, the messiness never fully leaves) you'll be able to embrace it, feel it, and process it in a healthy and powerful way. You will learn how to get in your feelings and get out, so you can get on with life.


Toxic relationships. BS mindsets. Responsibilities and emotional dependencies that were never yours to carry. It's time to put it all down so you can level up. You've got enough to handle without holding on to what doesn't serve you. We'll identify what truly holds value in your life from what is simply holding you captive. We'll provide you with simple ways to unapologetically let go so you can set yourself free and honor your boundaries moving forward.

Why should you join

Clutter Free Society?


I gave up 3 decades of my life trying to be somebody I'm not, dating men I didn't really like, doing work that I wasn't really passionate about and spending time doing things that never really were me. I was completely out of alignment with who I knew I wanted to be and who God uniquely designed me to be. Again, for MOST of my life.

But it wasn't a waste. I learned a lot. Unlearned a lot. And leveled up a lot. It was worth it. I just don't want you to have to lose as much time as I did. So let me help you do this work now so you don't have to keep repeating the same lessons because that's really all it is. You recycling lessons instead of you breaking cycles.

Love, It's Time To Take Back Ownership of Your Time, Energy and Peace of Mind.

I want to give you all the tools you need for fulfillment, the clutter free way of living.

So what does it mean to be "clutter free"? It's not that life and all it's messiness stops happening. It's that you're able to face your truth and deal with what usually get's ignored.

The secret is learning the mindset and perspectives that get you to stop reacting and start responding, in a way that looks and feels good to you (even in the most F'ed up situations).

Month by month the inner work and coaching will bring crystal clear clarity on how you'll navigate these tools in your own life. Because who cares about what you know if you don't apply it to your life to get better results.

Real, actionable advice and self coaching tips that brings about change. That's the clutter-free lifestyle.


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As your Life & Clarity Coach, I will use a variety of teachings, tools and techniques to help you embody the women you really want to be- now. No waiting until you "arrive".


Clutter Free Society was designed to help women who want more understand that what your life has been, isn't what it has to be. Helping you see that what separates you from a life of more fun, fulfillment and freedom are the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and rules someone else created for you. Or maybe you created for yourself. Let's clear up this clutter together!

In CFS, we work through THE 7 PILLARS OF CLUTTER FREE LIVING to help you create a whole and complete life you love.

You know that woman that walks into a room and there is just something about her? The Queen is glowing. She's got her mind right. She got rid of all that baggage )that was never hers to carry or worry about) and is feeling herself no matter who sees it. This is what we'll be focusing on for you. Getting you to that mental space where no one can rob you of your magic, not even you. Especially not you.

We are in a time and place where it is too easy to become emotionally exhausted. When we let the people, events and messages from outside choose our emotions for us, we are on a ride with no seat belts and no brakes. We'll go over the tools needed to get you off of this emotional roller coaster and into a place that lights you up from the inside out.

Our bodies are incredible machines. They are also the "keepers of the bullshit". All that trauma? All the bad history? It's all trapped in there. The good news is you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on specialists to release it all and get back to loving yourself for who you truly are. You just need the right information and proven process.

No, I'm not here to preach. I'm also not here to tell you (or anyone else) that what you believe is right or wrong. What I will say, however, is that a strong spiritual connection is essential to getting you through your clutter free journey. Your connection to God, nature and yourself will all play a role in discovering what really matters most to you. Religion has kept many in bondage and brokenness. Relationship is where the breakthrough is at.

What if your relationships with those around you fueled you, instead of drained you? What if you were able to enjoy friendships, romantic partnerships and family connections in a healthy and codependency free way? The kind of relationships where setting boundaries is easy and respect is a non-negotiable. These are the kind of relationships you'll cultivate and create for yourself. The people pleasing ends here.

Powering through sleepless nights, dodging collection calls and trying to pretend everything is "okay" doesn't have to be a reality. There's a way of life where you're able to approach your income goals, budgets and finances without frustration and disappointment. Does it mean you'll always be swimming in cash? Not necessarily, but you'll be able to handle the tough times from a place of peace and an abundant mindset.

Change is a constant process, but there comes a time where a clutter free lifestyle becomes second nature, and your life is based on the kind of habits that bring you freedom and joy. This practice, this way of life, is where real and change takes place. You won't be caught up in distractions or busy work to make yourself feel productive. Fruit doesn't lie. You will actually be making moves and getting results. You will have all the reasons to be proud of yourself.



Clutter Free Classroom

Get 24/7 access to the clutter free classroom with 200+ mini-lessons that can have you empowered, focused and taking action.

Masterclass Vault

Transform your life with access to 50+ past masterclasses that teach you step-by-step how to create your own breakthroughs so you can become unstoppable.


Get insight, instruction and information on real topics + learn how to self coach your way out of simple situations to experiencing more success.

Mini- Lessons

Each mini-lesson is a digestible teaching on relevant topics that you can start applying to your life immediately.


Challenges are one of the fun ways we deep dive into topics that create quick wins.


Ask Angel any question to get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to make those tough decisions that will change your life.

Accountability Calls

Check in with our community coaches, who are dedicated to helping you stay on track with your goals and provide support in the form of sisterhood.

Tools & Techniques

Learn how to harness the power of self coaching through thought work, meditation and more.

Virtual Retreats

Join us for our virtual retreats & Round Table Discussions where you get to connect with other members, celebrate your wins, learn from guest speakers, get laser coaching and so much more.

Private Community

Join our supportive sisterhood and connect with like-minded women who want to see you win just as much as you do too!

Member Discounts

Membership has its perks! Get special rates on certain products, events and 1:1 coaching calls.


every stage of the journey!

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That little voice in your head saying "there has to be more"... it's right. Not only is it right, but it will only grow louder until you give yourself permission to be happy. period.

Here's the thing, you'll never hear me say that getting there is easy. But it can be done with more ease. This way of life requires a level of honesty and vulnerability that not everyone is ready for. And that's cool.


As for the rest of us, we choose a life without settling. The kind of life that lights us up and feels as good as it looks on Instagram. A "no-filter" lifestyle that makes real peace #goals.

And here's the thing, you could totally find that on your own. You can read all the books. Do all "the work". Try all the apps. You can dedicate yourself to a life of self-discovery.

But if you found yourself on this page, there's a good chance you needed to find peace, like, yesterday.You are crystal clear on the fact that life is short, and meant to be enjoyed. Which is good, because we will be going through exactly what it takes to do just that.

There are two ways to tap into this journey:

One option gives you the essentials needed to create a clutter free life, information you can begin practicing today.


The other gives you access to an entire vault of clutter free know-how, allowing you to dive deeper and create a lasting transformation for you and your life.

No matter what path you pick, I got you.

Thousands of women have worked with me over the past decade to declutter their lives and I'm excited to help you do the same.


you will never go without!





  • Clutter Free Classroom
  • Weekly Empowerment Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A + Coaching
  • Private Community
  • Members Only Discounts




  • Clutter Free Classroom
  • Weekly Empowerment Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A + Coaching
  • Private Community
  • Members Only Discounts
  • BONUS: Masterclass Vault w/ 50+ replays
  • BONUS: Clutter to Clarity Bootcamp
  • BONUS: Clutter Free 21 Day Challenge
  • BONUS: 2 FREE Months


I was given a "rightfully so" card. You know exactly what I mean. The kind of life circumstances that makes it difficult for anyone to argue with your bad attitude, negativity and "good" excuses.

But here's what I also realized: playing that card brought in no real reward for me.

Sure, it allowed me to stay comfortably uncomfortable. But then what? Where does my growth come in? Where does my peace come in? Where do I get to experience the kind of freedom that comes from fully owning all of it?

Trust me, I've got a full stack to play. But I refuse to. Because I won't let anyone or anything rob me from the peace I know I deserve. Including myself.

Was I always this way? Nope. Getting here came with a lifetime of falling, growing, repeating.

Was it worth it in the end? Absolutely. However, it was also exhausting. It took years of separating the "non-negotiable" from the "nice to have".

This is the journey I want to make shorter and more enjoyable for you. So that you can spend more time enjoying this beautiful life you've been given. So you don't have to navigate your transformation alone and this season of your life can be a clutter free one.

Ready for some tea? The work never ends.

I'm still on my path. I still practice what it takes everyday to be able to live with peace, grace, and joy- despite what's going on. The difference is that the ball is in my court, and I get to own what my everyday looks like. I am surrounded by like-minded, like-spirited women that fill the journey with support and laughs. I wake up genuinely happy.

And honey, it feels damn good. This is what I want for you.

Join me inside Clutter Free Society to create a life on your own terms. Because freedom is beautiful and fulfillment is your birthright.



I'm here to help you find mental and emotional peace. Less exhaustion, more fulfillment.


Being in Clutter Free Society has made me think deeper about situations and how to navigate through life more quickly than soaking in a problem. It has pushed me and motivated to become more, to become a better person than I was yesterday. It has given me a mental boost.


Since being a member of Clutter Free Society I have eliminated toxic relationships, increased my confidence, and have learned how to create a clutter free lifestyle and environment that allows me more joy, freedom, and success. I also have learned the importance of practicing self love on a daily basis and making powerful decisions to lead me where I want to be.


I gained so much insight from the ladies of Clutter Free Society and their shared experience along with Angel who is constantly teaching and showing and living by example. This group is filled with ladies on every level but with the one common equation they want to live clutter-free and are willing to put in the work to do it thank you for such a resource and great place.


Being apart of Clutter Free Society has made a huge difference in my life. When I need encouragement I can come here to read or watch a message from Angel . When need of inspiration, reading the wins of my sisters motivates me to want to do something to get out of my rut. I just love this group and all that it has to offer. Thank you for your servant spirit to us Angel! I am happy to be here and plan to stick around for awhile. Even with my success, I want to stay around like minded women!

Are you ready to release all that unnecessary pressure...less force, more flow?


Angel has been instrumental in changing my life forever! From working with her one on one where she pushed me to step outside of my comfort zones and do things I may have never done, like start my business and leave a relationship I knew I didn't need to be in to being in Clutter Free Society where the value far outweighs the investment. The women in the group are there for each other, celebrating and encouraging each other, and there have been friendships that have been made out of Clutter Free Society that would've never been. Angel has truly been an angel in my life, believing in me when I didn't really believe in myself and I will be forever grateful!


I had no idea what to expect when starting my Clutter to Clarity journey. I am now a Clutter Free Society Member and Angel warmly guided me into exploring and identifying the clutter in my life immediately. A plan of action was established and I have been growing immensely as a woman ever since. Angel is an open, intellectually invigorating, spiritually gifted, outrageously funny, raw and genuine woman. If you are ready to shed the old you and become the best you, then you are in the right place at the right time.


I thought that it would just help me in the relationship department but it ended up helping me with my finances, spirituality, being a better me, mom and wife, etc. I now know my worth, who I am and where I'm going. I feel very hopeful about my future and I know now that whatever situation that may arise, that I'll be OK either way. I love being apart of this group, everyone is positive and I like the fact that everyone doesn't hesitate to comment on posts to other members to keep them uplifted as well. It's well worth it and the information given is phenomenal. Angel is God's gift, and I feel so connected with her, even being in different states. She's so accountable, devoted and gives so much of herself to this group. I love Clutter Free Society and I plan to be here and grow with these ladies for a very long time.


Joining Clutter Free Society was one of the best decisions I made this year. I was at a low point when I joined after a break up not knowing that was only the beginning and I would be faced with so many losses and deaths. But through working with Angel I realized I was carrying so much grief, shame and just not appreciative of myself and focused on people pleasing to make myself better because I truly felt horrible about my past mistakes and that kept me stuck in the same self destructive patterns. I have learned to speak more positively over myself and to recognize negative thoughts when they come up and shut them down. I am doing better at not doing everything for everyone and delegating tasks instead of just doing it all myself. And I have rediscovered my love of writing and the power of my words and I use them more wisely than I ever have. And last but not least the ladies are amazing! Being able to cheer for your wins and your transparency with life issues has inspired me so much.





  • Clutter Free Classroom
  • Weekly Empowerment Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A + Coaching
  • Private Community
  • Members Only Discounts




  • Clutter Free Classroom
  • Weekly Empowerment Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A + Coaching
  • Private Community
  • Members Only Discounts
  • BONUS: Masterclass Vault w/ 50+ replays
  • BONUS: Clutter to Clarity Bootcamp
  • BONUS: Clutter Free 21 Day Challenge
  • BONUS: 2 FREE Months

More Questions?

Our most frequent questions and answers.

What is the Clutter Free Society?

Clutter Free Society is an online classroom and coaching program that provides teachings, coaching and support to help you declutter your life from the inside out- more clarity, confidence and courage! As a member, you get access to challenges, empowerment sessions, masterclasses and more that offer support along your journey. Plus you get exclusive member only discounts. Membership has it perks!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you decide Clutter Free Society isn't for you, you can cancel your membership at any time, however, you will not be refunded. You will continue to have access to the content until your month or year expires. CFS is non-refundable.

Is the Clutter Free Society right for me?

If you're a positive, professional woman pursuing your goals and dreams BUT you still struggle at times with letting go of the past, are caught in the cycle of toxic relationships, lack clarity and confidence, are battling with fears, doubts and insecurities, want more but aren't sure how to get it, are still seeking permission and approval from others, need encouragement, want to be empowered and are willing to invest time, effort, energy and resources into life coaching…Clutter Free Society is for you.

How are the teachings in clutter free society delivered?

Everything is available digitally on the Clutter Free Society website. You just log in and can access the teachings for the current month by clicking THIS MONTH and previous months (if you're an annual member with access to the vault). You can access the members area from your computer, tablet or smartphone. I send an email every Sunday with updates, replays and support.

How much of my time will it require each month?

That's up to you! This isn't a course or workshop - there is no curriculum, no homework, no schedule. You can listen to the teachings, get on the calls, read the emails and attend sessions whenever you want, as often as you want. If you're super busy one week or month- no worries. You can't fall behind! However, I encourage you to remember: You started this clutter free journey for a reason. As your life coach, I just want to make sure you get what you need. When you commit to doing the work, it works!

What if I need more support outside of the membership?

As a Clutter Free Society member, there is an option to book one on one clarity coaching sessions with Angel at a special rate by using your members only discount code. This is a great addition to the coaching you will receive in the membership.

Clutter Free Society