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Unapologetic Living

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Join mindset & life coach Angel Richards for a mind-year 30 day experience that will empower you to hit the reset button right now and give yourself a fresh start!!!

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Join Clutter Free Society for ALL ACCESS to exclusive June is the New January lessons + tools to support you as you enter this new season.



  • Planning Session
  • Roundtable Discuss
  • Unapologetic Living Masterclass
  • Q&A Session
  • Prayer
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation

And, you also get access to 200+ empowerment sessions inside the Clutter Free Classroom to help you work on your mindset, release stuck emotions and more!


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Join Angel LIVE on Sunday, June 12th @ 8 pm est for the 2022 June is the New January Masterclass: Unapologetic Living. Registration includes masterclass + workbook + replay.

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Missed a year? This is the 6th annual June is the New January Masterclass. Get access to past sessions with the June is the New January Masterclass Bundle!



  • Restarting Your Year
  • Reinvent Your Life
  • Getting What You Want, Need & Deserve
  • Bigger Bolder & Bigger Breakthroughs
  • Less Force, More Flow

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